[ToG] Those Other Guys

Those Other Guys is a new community of gamers based in the EU. Founded in 2016, we strive for serious play in a friendly way.  We pride ourselves in knowing we are able to provide a great place to kick back and relax. Our aim is to produce a thriving community from all around the world, coming together to play squad, promoting team work and good communication and aiming for countless hours of fun.

“I’m not like all those other guys” – All other guys

Knockout 12v12, 2017 - 6 Months LRC, Knockout 9v9
Season 2017


A!o!K Cyrius70Referee EU
SkorReferee EU
Houndeye [FUBAR]Referee EU
[FFO] BucksReferee EU
Asteryks ≛ ChanceuxReferee EU
wF.ReynoldsReferee EU
Indies Radical.Referee EU