Rusty In Places

Rusty In Places is a multi-national, multi-gaming, fun clan that has surpassed our 10 Year Anniversary. A great number of our members have come into [RIP] due to the demise of their gaming associations, regrettable in itself, however they have come looking for the stability and camaraderie that exists in [RIP].

As a clan [RIP] play multiple games, hosting many different servers which include Arma, BF2 PR, Squad and many Steam games, plus many other online games not controlled by us. [RIP] are always looking for new blood, membership is FREE so feel free to drop in application.

Knockout 12v12, Knockout 18v18, 2017 - 6 Months LRC, Knockout 24v24, Knockout 35v35, Knockout 9v9, League, World League
Season 2016, Season 2017

Rusty in Place

#PlayerTeamPositionPtsKillsDeathsKD Ratio
1gbr(RIP)mark[RIP]Medic, Rifleman Optic0000.00
2eng(Rip)Chewy[RIP]Grenadier, Medic, Rifleman, Rifleman Optic0000.00
4mne.Bole[RIP]Light Anti-Tank, Medic0000.00
5sweAzp3n[RIP]Grenadier, Rifleman Optic0000.00
6belBl4ckP4nth3r[RIP]Grenadier, Light Anti-Tank, Medic, Rifleman, Rifleman Optic, Squad Leader0000.00
7gbrBuckles[RIP]Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Medic0000.00
8mltDemonhun[RIP]Marksman, Rifleman Optic0000.00
9denEgoisten[RIP]Grenadier, Light Anti-Tank, Rifleman Optic0000.00
10Frog[RIP]Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Medic, Squad Leader0000.00
11nedJordyy[RIP]Grenadier, Light Anti-Tank, Marksman, Rifleman, Rifleman Optic0000.00
12Matt[RIP]Squad Leader0000.00
13nedMetatron[RIP]Grenadier, Marksman, Rifleman, Rifleman Optic0000.00
15[RIP] .Bole[RIP]0000.00
16eng[RIP] Baby_James[RIP]0000.00
17tur[RIP] BigBo[RIP]Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Light Anti-Tank, Medic, Rifleman0000.00
18[RIP] Bob Lee Swagger[RIP]0000.00
19ned[RIP] DogBite[RIP]Automatic Rifleman, Light Anti-Tank, Rifleman0000.00
20swe[RIP] Emwyn[RIP]0000.00
21[RIP] Faker[RIP]0000.00
22[RIP] Fever[RIP]Medic0000.00
23[RIP] Geoffwill[RIP]0000.00
24ned[RIP] Nacht[RIP]Automatic Rifleman, Medic0000.00
25cze[RIP] Peerun[RIP]Automatic Rifleman, Light Anti-Tank, Marksman0000.00
26gbr[RIP] Reaper[RIP]Rifleman Optic0000.00
27fin[RIP] Shortround[RIP]Light Anti-Tank, Medic0000.00
28ger[RIP] Spartacus[RIP]Light Anti-Tank0000.00
29nor[RIP] Willum[RIP]Light Anti-Tank, Marksman, Rifleman, Rifleman Optic0000.00
30[RIP] oPeanut[RIP]0000.00
32sco[RIP]Dougie.C[RIP]Medic, Rifleman Optic0000.00
35gbr[rip] Rygo[RIP]Medic0000.00