12v12 Championship 2016-2017


Calling all clans and communities to gather the troops and claim a stake during open sign ups ongoing until 7th November.

The Squad Masters League Championships are two seperate hybrid round robin tournaments, 12 man league and 18 man league, where winners in a qualifying round robin stage proceed to a single elimination second stage and then championship final. So, to participate in, you will need a minimum of 12 players.

The first stage
Groups of 4 teams compete separately and winners proceed to the second stage. Two best participants are saved from each group. When teams are tied, they’re ranked by the number of wins each one had against the others.

The second stage
It is a single elimination tournament (knock out).

The league is international!
Official communications of the league are provided in English, you will however be redirected to a person of contact who is French, Russian, Turkish, English, American, Italian, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, Norwegian etc. who will walk you through the League without any difficulty.

You can register your team today by visiting the following registration page: http://squadmasters.com/november-championship/
If you don’t have any team logo, please contact us, we will be able to provide you with one depending on the designer’s availabilities.
After having registered your team, a league manager will contact your Leader and provide him with all the latest instructions to participate in the games.

The schedule of the competition’s games will be published both on the official website and Discord on 8 November 2016 at 07:00pm UTC.
General Rules of the league are available here: http://squadmasters.com/rules/

Note that players whose account is marked with a Game BAN, an EAC BAN or a VAC BAN less than 780 days are not welcome in the competition.

Streamers & Press
We recommend to install the software Discord to easily chat with the league’s staff.
If you are a streamer or a journalist, you can contact us on Discord so that we can discuss together media coverage opportunities of the league. Logos, graphical charters of the league and press kit are available on Discord: https://discord.gg/eyfpaV9 Official contact: A|o|K Skor

This is an independent season and not associated with the overall standings calculation for squad masters league competition. The Championship is not a commercial event and the registration is free of charge. The management of the league reserves the right to decline acceptance of any individual as a competition participant or any team without notice or without providing any reason.

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