Squad Masters Blitz

After Blitzing through this season which contained some long hard battles between established clans and some new to the scene, we would like to congratulate everyone for their preparation, participation and performance.

Congratulations to Some Random Guys [SRG] for becoming the Blitz Champion!

In close second place was RaveN [RvN] which were able to stay in the top 2 since last season!

And finally the 3rd/4th play offs were a tough fight between with Mumblerines [M] just topping Project Rogue [PR] by 5 tickets! Which won them the bronze medal!

This season would not have been possible without the help from our Server Providers, Referees, Casters and Tournament Staff. Big shout you to you fellas.

We hope you enjoy the tournament as much as we did running it and would like to offer your feedback on where we could have done better in our discord.

We look forward to releasing more information on our next season which will be even bigger and better than season 1!

Stay safe, wash your hands and keep space! See you next time!

Squad Masters Blitz Details

Squad Masters Blitz 2021! We are back with another tournament right after SCL concludes, this time with a different format and most importantly, it will use the brand new Squad Masters Mod developed by Mjölnir Husky.

What is Blitz?
Blitz is a 4 week, 20v20 multilevel single elimination tournament format. With many big tournaments around the corner we did not want to have another 40v40 format. Instead we settled on a quick tourney before sending everyone off to their summer vacations. This will give smaller and fatigued teams a chance to prove themselves one more time before going into their well deserved break.

How will it work?
It is a multi stage tournament, that means everyone gets to play a total of 4 games. We will have 16 teams, 20v20. No team will be eliminated in the middle of the tourney, they just move a division lower. The last game you play will be the hardest as your opponent will be of equal skill. If you have questions about how this format works, see the illustration below.

Sounds good, when is it?
The tournament will take place from 3rd July until 24th July (4 weeks, 1 game per week) 2021.

Anything else?
Since it is a 20v20 format we are looking to play on small, infantry focused maps.

We hope to see some of our previous contenders compete again and welcome any new teams looking to gather more experience in the Squad comp scene.
We are looking at expanding the @Tournament Staff team. If you are interested in helping with Media, Servers, Graphic design, Ref / Caster management or designing new map layers, please reach out to a @Tournament Manager in the Squad Masters Discord.

Got what it takes?

Prove it.